SIP Trunking

TieTechnology is proud to bring businesses of all sizes and in practically any industry the power of SIP trunking or Session Initiation Protocol. With the growth and proliferation of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, companies large and small can do more with communications.

About SIP Trunking

SIP trunking or Session Initiation Protocol, is a method which business phone systems can operate through a broadband internet connection. Rather than relying on traditional telephone analog connectivity, SIP trunking places the power and speed of the internet squarely into easy to use devices. SIP trunking reduces costs, providing money savings on every call. It also makes scaling up and down easy. And, SIP trunking is more reliable than legacy telephony.

SIP Trunking Benefits

TieTechology gives enterprise organizations the flexibility, efficiency, and productivity needed to succeed. With SIP trunking, businesses can do more for less. And, do so without the need for an on-site technician. VoIP and SIP trunking setup is simple, requiring no specialized skill or expertise. Cloud SIP trunking offers some distinct advantages, which include the following:

  • Eliminates overlapping networks. Rather than maintaining and operating both digital data and analog telephone systems, use a single IP-based network to do both. This cuts down on costs and eliminates unnecessary redundancies.
  • Save big on long distance communications. Because SIP trunking is done through high-speed broadband internet, it’s super fast. And, that means saving money on every call, no matter where. International and long distance rates are far less expensive with this technology.
  • Transform all calls into local calls. In essence, all calls are local calls when using SIP trunking. Instead of utilizing analog lines with decades-old technology, this advanced communications platform sends compressed data packets and high speeds through broadband. This reduces many costs, including to the end user.
  • Establish a local presence in each city. With VoIP, businesses are able to establish local phone numbers in other places. This is great for marketing and inbound and outbound calls are routed through a high-speed broadband connection. Plus, eliminate the need for one or more 800 numbers.
  • Adapt for a low cost. SIP trunking does not require a significant capital investment to enjoy its many benefits. Instead, businesses can begin saving money while also maintaining familiar features provided through their local PBX or Private Branch Exchange. Additionally, add or remove calling features at-will. Customization can be done by just about anyone, making it super easy to manage.

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