TieTechnology FAQ's





How does the voice quality compare to my current phone system?

The voice quality is almost always better and had less background signal noise than traditional voice lines. VoIP from TieTechnology uses HD Voice and you'll instantly recognize the difference.


How fast does my internet connection need to be to ensure I get HD Voice quality?

TieTechnology makes this easy as we have optimized configurations that ensure the voice is at HD levels so long as your Internet Service Provider is giving you the bandwidth you are already paying for and that your firewall is setup properly. We monitor this regularly and ensure you are getting great voice quality.


How long does it take to get services installed?

We are usually able to get phones shipped out to you within one business day after service contract signing.  The actual porting of your number from your current carrier usually doesn’t, but can take up to 2 weeks for them to release the numbers.


Am I going to wait on hold forever with support?

Not at all, all support calls are live answered (hours dependent on the service level plan you choose) usually in a few rings. Additionally, there will be no need to give account information (like a 17 digit account number) as we already know who is calling and everything about your phone installation and network.


How long does it take to make changes?

Moves, adds and changes to existing users is very quick. In almost every instance it can be done before you're off the phone with us if you choose to call the change in.


Can I email support?

You sure can, we even set up an interactive, remote chat directly with a TieTechnology tech representative if that expedites resolving your request.  Your emails are picked up almost immediately by a support rep and worked and same day if the request is received before 5pm Eastern US time.  (Extended hours support is available depending on the service level plan you choose)


Is there an admin portal to access settings?

YES!  While we always ask that you have us make any changes, we will provide access to a custom portal for you to manage your own system if you choose.


What happens if my phones aren't working and my internet is down, what do I do?

Depending on the license you choose, your TieTechnology service can include the ability to connect via Deskphone, Mobile or computer.  In the event of an office internet outage, you can simply log in to the mobile app we provide and calls will come directly to your mobile device instead of your desk or computer phone.  If that's not an option, we can set up a direct forward number that will automatically forward calls to a number you designate when your internet is down and will stop forwarding when the internet comes back up.


Can you schedule phones and on-site service to happen outside of business hours and on weekends or holidays?

YES! We can set up daily and holiday scheduling so you never have to think about your business being interrupted.


Will your team work with our IT vendor and ISP directly?

YES! We are happy to work with your existing vendors directly to ensure your phone services and devices from TieTechnology work in your environment. If you don’t have an IT person or vendor, we will bring our own qualified IT professionals to assist if required (dependent on the service level plan you choose).

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ above, to fill out a quick form, click here and we will reply via Email and possibly post the question in a future update to the FAQ page.

Thanks for your help in making our support even better.


Started in 2002 by Telecom Industry Executives and built around a common core belief that service is the missing entity to the customer experience, TieTechnology specializes in business services that include: VoIP Business phone service, cloud solutions, merchant cash advance, credit card processing and online marketing strategies to form a wide array of one stop solutions that allow customers to do what they do best. Run their businesses.