Remote Office Phones for on-the-go Communication

Voice over IP (VoIP) phones have become the standard for small to medium-sized law firms so they can function effectively as remote or partially remote offices. TieTechnology can set up your entire system and is well-equipped to assist you in establishing the operational framework that suits your specific practice needs.

Law Firm Integration Software

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Case management software like Needles is used by law firms to streamline and organize their legal cases, helping them efficiently manage client information, track deadlines, store documents, and facilitate communication within the firm.

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Built on Salesforce, Litify optimizes and automates the management of legal cases and tasks, generates documents, tracks billable hours, handles billing, and enhances client communication.

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MyCase, a legal practice management software, effectively organizes crucial case information, simplifies standardized procedures, and efficiently oversees all aspects of your law firm's cases, from initial client intake to billing and everything in between.

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Clio's extensive array of legal practice management tools simplifies and enhances the efficiency of your law firm's everyday operations. These encompass client intake, CRM, time tracking, document management, billing and invoicing, online payments.

Our Clients Include

Lake Highlands Law

Lake Highlands Law


We tried a few times to get our provider to integrate Needles into our phone system.  Every time the rep told me they could do it was 3 months of waiting only to find out it couldn't be done.  THANK YOU to Jim and his team for not only doing the integration but getting this done in less than 2 days blew us away. Highly recommend TieTechnology!!!

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Catania & Catania


"TieTechnology's support is unmatched" Thank you for everything you do! 

Scott W. - Managing Director Catania & Catania

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Eastmoore Crauwels & DuBose

Needles - Litify - MyCase - Clio

We brought TieTechnology in on the advice of our IT vendor after our voice services went down.  Jim and his team installed our phones and ported our numbers before our carrier could even get out onsite.  Their support is by far that best we have had with any phone provider.  Thank you!!!!  

Kelly N.- Eastmoore Crauwels & DuBose


Grand Canyon Law Group

Clio - Lawmatics

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Dill Law Group

My Case

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Hines Law Firm


Hines Law Firm

Alpha Law Group

Alpha Law Group

Vendor Spotlight

Our Vendor Spotlight features the Intake Academy. Intake Academy™ is a total business solution that transforms how law firms and call centers train, coach, hire and retain intake specialists, and how front line staff handle legal intakes. We do this by creating significant financial breakthroughs in record time with less struggle and less costly, yet more effective intake conversion strategies. So instead of your law firm spending MORE money on marketing and advertising to generate inquiries, the Intake Academy™ helps you make the most of what you’re already getting.