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TieTechnology specializes in the services to the medical industry.  Whether you have 1 office of 70 we can custom tailor a solution that includes the ability to work remote while still being a three digit dial away.

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With our Zoom integration or our UC1 Communicator application, your employees can be remote and still part of the team.

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Allow me to wholeheartedly recommend Tie Technology for your phone service. Our company went to VoIP some years ago, but had terrible service with the original provider we were using – to the point that we weren’t sure on any given day if we would have operational phones or how long the issues would take to resolve. 

After research and a recommendation from a trusted phone expert, we contacted Tie Technology and what a turnaround!  Despite the size of our organization and dozens of offices to set up, we were stunned at how smooth the transition was and how well they have met our needs. Their response to any interruption in service is immediate, their customer care is unlike any I’ve seen. Day, night, weekend, holiday – I’ve always spoken to an informed tech and been given personal attention.  It gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that with one call I can address any issue that may arise; it doesn’t require any more thought than that. Their responsiveness and dedication to top notch customer service has earned my complete trust and loyalty

Kim S.

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Life Dental

We left our old VoIP provider because the support was terrible. We had a friend that referred us to TieTechnology and we couldn't be happier. They custom-tailored a solution that fit exactly what we needed and nothing more- no fluff. The best part was that it worked right out of the box and we saved money over Comcast's quote! Their Support is a phone call away and is always able to help immediately if we need them.

Thank you!!

Sharon Fielding


Started in 2002 by Telecom Industry Executives and built around a common core belief that service is the missing entity to the customer experience, TieTechnology specializes in business services that include: VoIP Business phone service, cloud solutions, merchant cash advance, credit card processing and online marketing strategies to form a wide array of one stop solutions that allow customers to do what they do best. Run their businesses.