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Floral Prodigy makes the day-to-day management of your business super easy. With it, florists can do much more and all in one place. Get more website visitors, increase phone call frequency, and manage your floral business with effective and powerful tools. It's no secret the floral industry is highly competitive. And, you need every advantage at your disposal. That’s why TieTechnology brings you the best of the best. Furthermore, you need a way to uncomplicate operations while also delivering the best customer experience. Floral Prodigy is the answer.

Floral Prodigy Benefits

With TieTechnology and Floral Prodigy, you can take your business to the next level and do so without large expense. This super friendly package delivers a wealth of information. And, that's worthwhile for any floral business. Because monitoring and tracking advertising is typically cumbersome, Floral Prodigy streamlines the process. With it, florists can:

  • View a summary email of the previous day's activity.
  • See sales reports of every single ad, website order, and each phone number.
  • Look at sales by employee and the average order amount.
  • See which employees fielded the most orders and earned the highest average.
  • Track customer call origins. (For example, if a customer places an order through a holiday ad, you can see every future order they make throughout the year.)
  • Use businesses call tracking to learn about your communications to help move forward.
  • Turn on business call recording to monitor employees and improve customer service training.
  • Add or remove call features on-demand as needed, when desired.
  • Manage multiple locations from one place easily without complication.

Start taking control of you floral business with the help of TieTechnology and Floral Prodigy. Gain useful and actionable insight into your business' advertising performance and much more. Leverage the tools and information provided to grow your shop with ease of use. Get more control over your business’ communications. And, outsmart the competition. Give your business what it needs to succeed at every turn. With Floral Prodigy, you'll not only know what is working, but what isn't working. Learn which ads deliver results and which do not. Save money and increase revenue by being in-the-know. Don't stay in the dark about your advertising campaigns reach and effectiveness. Start using Floral Prodigy today and watch your business grow tomorrow. Call TieTechnology directly for more information at 813-856-0223.



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