VOIP Office

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an advanced communications technology which allows businesses to communicate through broadband internet, instead of conventional or analog telephony. VoIP works by sending compressed digital packets at super high-speed with ultra-low latency through a broadband connection. Unlike legacy PBX or Private Branch Exchange, VoIP utilizes state of the art technology and brings several big benefits to businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

VOIP Office

With TieTechnology, VoIP Office provides real enterprise solutions. TieTechnology is a leading provider of business solutions and with its VoIP Office, companies of all sizes can do more for less expense. Additionally, VoIP Office offers an entire suite of robust tools and features which makes communications and much more super efficient and easy to use. VoIP Office is the single best solution for enterprise needs, large, small, or in between.

Money Saving

Be it long distance calling, domestic, or international, VoIP provides superior call quality at a cheaper price. Unlike legacy PBX telephony, VoIP is a real communications facilitator that’s capable of much more. Businesses can easily manage the VoIP Office, opting for customization on-demand. And, at substantially less expense than conventional phone equipment. No matter the location, making and receiving calls comes at a far smaller price than traditional phone service.


With TieTechnology’s VoIP Office, businesses enjoy portability. It works wherever a broadband connection is available. No matter where needed, VoIP Office works with desktop phones, as well as many other devices. Cost remains the same and it works seamlessly. Simply plug in and start using VoIP Office from any location. Reach out to team members, customers, vendors, and more with ease.


TieTechnology’s VoIP Office also boasts great flexibility. It works with just about any convention phone, using a VoIP converter or VoIP adapter. These are small devices, simple to use, requiring no specialized skill or knowledge. With VoIP office, turn almost any phone into a digital communications device. The converter or adapter transforms analog signals to digital data, which is then routed through broadband internet.


Use TieTechnology VoIP Office to do more than make and receive phone calls. Businesses can also conduct video calling, video conferencing, and much more. Plus, manage all forms of communications, including fax, email, text, chat, and more from one location. Conduct meetings, connecting participants from anywhere with simplicity. Furthermore, facilitate other communications simultaneously. All this for a low cost with high efficiency.

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