VOIP Connect

TieTechnology is proud to bring enterprise level technologies. Part of that robust suite is VoIP Connect, a softphone program available for both Windows and Mac. VoIP Connect is another way to greatly improve business communications and manage multiple stations from one location. With VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, companies of all sizes and in practically any industry can substantially increase customer experience, while simultaneously reducing costs.

About VoIP Connect

TieTechnology will set up VoIP Connect through a scheduled, onsite visit or via remote access. As mentioned above, VoIP Connect works on both Windows and Mac platforms, seamlessly integrating into desktop computers. TieTechnology will integrate it into all supported VoIP brands. This saves businesses money and likewise decreases communications expenses, while also improving customer relations.

VoIP Connect Benefits

TieTechnology offers VoIP Connect because of its many benefits. Businesses wanting to stay competitive need every advantage possible. With the power and reach of VoIP, it’s possible to do more at a reduced cost. VoIP offers the following big benefits for businesses, even small companies, in the following ways:

  • Very user-friendly. VoIP Connect is super user-friendly. With it, everything can easily be controlled through the dashboard, right from a Windows or Mac machine. And, because it’s software, there is no additional hardware acquisition costs, making it even more affordable to implement. And, VoIP Connect is intuitive to use, not requiring any specialized knowledge to use.
  • Surprising versatility. VoIP Connect allows businesses to make and receive calls right through a desktop computer. What’s more, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol systems also compatible with other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. So, it’s easy to keep lines of communications open, even when on the road traveling. Plus, it’s easy to scale up or down, on-demand, when desired.
  • Simple browser integration. Let TieTechnology install VoIP on your business’ desktop machines to tap into all its benefits. VoIP Connect easily integrates into desktop computers without the hassle of introducing bulking software.
  • Big business appearance. Another huge advantage of VoIP is that it gives small organizations a big business appearance. Through a VoIP system, businesses can take advantage of features previously only available to large companies. Do more for less, upping productivity and efficiency simultaneously.
  • Reduced communications costs. Traditional, legacy telephony relies on out of date analog technology. VoIP places the speed and power of broadband internet right at the heart of a business’ communications. VoIP costs a lot less than landline phone calls, even for long distance and international calls.

Call TieTechnology directly for more information about integrating VoIP Connect in your business at 813-856-0223.