Team TieTechnology to Participate in Support of Ride 2 Recovery’s Veteran Rehabilitation Programs Honor Ride

TieTechnology is teaming up to participate in support of Ride 2 Recovery’s Veteran Rehabilitation Programs Honor Ride to help veterans across the country and to show the company’s support for all those who served.


The TieTechnology team is lending its support to Ride 2 Recovery, a charitable organization serving over 10,000 military service veterans across the United States. The technology firm and enterprise business solution provider believes strongly in supporting the men and women who served their country with honor and distinction, sacrificing so much in trying circumstances.

Ride 2 Recovery hosts a number of fundraising events every year to further its mission to provide support in many forms to those who have worn the uniform. The TieTechnology VoIP Business Services President and Team Leader, Don Anderson, stated “Part of the organization’s aim is to facilitate communication and support between veterans.; the charity helps to foster synergy between veterans, allowing them to serve and help one another”.

Founded on cycling programs and activities, Ride 2 Recovery hosts rides ranging from 10 to 100 miles, putting an emphasis on veterans who need to recover from traumatic injuries. Bicyclists of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, or anyone can donate to the cause. Injured veterans are also strongly encouraged to participate and may do so for free. The entire public is welcome to show their respect.

There are 19.6 million military veterans living in the country, according to the United States Census Bureau. Ride 2 Recovery is proud to do its part to serve a portion of the population and support these men and women with its unique approach to making the road to recovery one that is both challenging and rewarding. Cycling gives wounded and injured veterans the opportunity to overcome obstacles, helping them to improve both physically and psychologically.

The results from Ride 2 Recovery’s Project Hero program are remarkable. Of all veteran participants, a full 55 percent report less or no need for prescription drugs. Many participants report an increased ability to perform day-to-day activities with less or little pain. In addition, veteran participants in Ride 2 Recovery’s Project Hero program report faster recovery times from conditions or injuries. What’s more, participants also state the program effectiveness in reducing pain and improving sleep. Many members report an overall improvement in their general health, fitness, and wellness.

Donations are welcome and individuals are encouraged to attend the event, to provide support and awareness for its purpose.

More information about Ride 2 Recovery’s Veteran Rehabilitation Programs Honor Ride, visit, phone 818-888-7091 extension 106, or, send an email to honorrideinfo(at)ride2recovery(dot)com.

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