Managed Servcies

Stay in touch with your customers and team mates with and integrated and hassle free connectivity with the superior communication technology and take the facility of high quality but low cost internet telephony service. Apart from that you will receive 24 X 7 support from us regarding technical or non technical issues, which makes more easy to access.

These managed services are perfect for all size businesses. Brief explanation of our managed services is as follows:

  • Managed Connectivity: TieTechnology is using an integrated cellular technology in order to manage the connected devices and products. We are always there for you to launch and manage your IoT devices and products.
  • Managed Business Continuity: We value your business. We provide highly advanced and integrated disaster recovery and business continuity process. We focus mainly on the data centers, applications, data and systems. Along with the technical issues we also provide support on the non-technical part as well.
  • Managed Router: We provide high quality router management service. We use advanced technology in order to stay away from the network issues such as network slowdowns, delays, unauthorized access and errors related to the configurations.
  • Managed Security: Security is the most valuable thing in any business. As we value your business, we are ready to take care of the security of your workplace. Our advanced managed security service looks after of the security of the network that is being outsourced.
  • Managed Wi-Fi: Stay connected with your guests and your employees with our uninterrupted managed Wi-Fi service. We provide some extra features like WAP or wireless access point, wireless controllers extensive cabling and switches.
  • Managed voice: TieTechnology is offering managed business voice services for their customers. This service brings the resolutions in order to meet your particular needs and requirements by providing a complete network of communication.