Top Hosted VoIP Company Benefits for Business

Hosted VoIP presents a number of benefits. Although, it’s certainly understandable how businesses and consumers alike feel this technology intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult to understand or even to use. Simply put, VoIP or voice over internet protocol systems eliminate many of the frustrations so common with PBX or TDM.

VoIP and PBX Explained

PBX or private branch exchange and TDM or time division multiplexing is what people know. These technologies, which date back to the last two decades of the nineteenth century, are physical connections between parties. In other words, a physical landline which connects customers directly to a business’ own exchange through a legacy carrier. While it seems far more reliable, it is severely limited in its applications.

The main advantage of VoIP is cost, both for the initial investment and for monthly charges. If you choose a VoIP service that works with traditional telephones, you only have to sign up online and pay a small charge for setup and phone adapters to activate your service. Calls are free, with a low, fixed monthly charge, although some providers charge a low rate for calls outside North America. —Houston Chronicle Small Business

Think about this for a moment. Remember having to plug into a telephone line to dial into the internet? Well, that’s essentially PBX. But VoIP is the high-speed, fiber optic alternative. VoIP utilizes the power and reach of the internet and also includes the best aspects of the cloud. In other words, VoIP is the growing choice among businesses because it offers a lot more features and options for a lower cost than traditional telephony.

Top Hosted VoIP Company Benefits for Business

So, why is it more and more businesses are switching to hosted IP phone systems? There are actually many different answers why. But, it’s most useful to just list the biggest reasons. Here are the top hosted VoIP company benefits for businesses:

  • Lower adoption costs. If you’ve ever experienced the hassle and confusion of installing a new phone system, you’re already familiar with this inefficient and expensive process. Traditional PBX equipment requires costly technicians to install and maintain. But, VoIP uses in-place hardware or existing phones and costs substantially less.
  • Inexpensive calling rates. Every business looks to cut costs when and where it can. Traditional legacy telephone rates are high because of the infrastructure which must be maintained. But, with VoIP, businesses enjoy super low calling rates, particularly for international calls.
  • Far more flexibility. With VoIP, businesses are able to easily work on-the-go, add and remove numbers when needed. Plus, it’s just more flexible. Users can easily manage multiple locations from one place and do a lot more. Moreover, businesses enjoy storing and maintaining the software, files, and the components of their business phone service.
  • Vast suite of calling features. Call waiting, call forwarding, call blasting, call routing, add and remove numbers, video calling, access fax, email, text, and instant message, and so much more. The fact of the matter is, VoIP is far superior to legacy telephony.

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