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Admin Portal

The Administrator Portal is a foundational tool that allows your company’s administrator(s) to fully manage and customize the phone system – and monitor account activity in real time.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

This feature indicates which phones on the system are in use by displaying a clear status on your phone display. Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a ...

Pre-Alert Announcement

Pre-Alert Announcement allows you to specify an audio or video announcement to be played to your callers before the call is actually connected.

Call Blocking

Block calls based on an area code, number or other options like 411 or international calls. Call Blocking is available for your entire account, or just a single extension.

Call Center

Call Center permits businesses to build a comprehensive, rich call center with no additional hardware or software costs.

Call Conference

Join an additional person to your call is as easy as pushing a few keys on your desk phone or mobile phone.

Call Continuity

Call Continuity from TieTechnology Business makes sure that you’ll never have VoIP service interruption – even if the power goes out.

Call Forwarding

Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you won’t miss any calls.

Call Group

Calls can be forwarded to multiple extensions that will ring simultaneously

Call Hold

Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call.